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Don’t Click It!

I got an email today telling me that a package had been delayed.  A quick review of the email indicated that it was VERY LIKELY spam at the least, and probably malicious spam.

1st CLUE:  The sender email is <info-l3j@untdstatdropromuniflamtionxjcyepcdr.com>  — not familiar, and that is an understatement.

2nd CLUE:  When I hover my mouse over the linked text in the email (circled in screenshot below) it shows me where my browser will end up if I do click any of them in the system tray of my computer (arrow points to that position; and this happens whenever you hover your mouse over any linked text whether it is in an email or on a web page.  VALUABLE INFORMATION!!)

This email is trying to send me to <https://k6m6.c12.e2-2.dev/mailweb/KKSNDJEJEJE.html> which is not a merchant or shipper I recognize.  SO I DON’T CLICK!

To protect yourself from malicious links, hover your mouse over linked text and check out where it is the link is trying to send you. ∞∞∞ >>> Read the rest

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