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A Word About Passwords

Part of everyday life, it seems–your passwords are now gatekeeper to your correspondence, financial details, banking information and everything else on the list of details and information that make up all the external components of your life. You need a code at the bank, a code on your phone, tablet and computer, authentication for your medical records and the list goes on.

Experts will all tell you how compromised you are if you use the same password on all the things, or just a weak one, and someone with nefarious plans gets ahold of it.

How-to Geek has some great suggestions for how to create strong passwords or a pass-phrase that can help you keep your details to yourself (as much as possible when they live on the internet, anyway…)

One of the best pieces of advice: Don’t tell anyone what your password is!

How to Create a Strong Password (and Remember It) (howtogeek.com∞∞∞ >>> Read the rest