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The world is ending…

If you were to ask someone what it’s like to be scammed, this is a likely response you would get, at least if they didn’t know it was a scam:

Some guy called me out of the blue and told me that the world was ending, but that if I paid him 1.2 Bitcoin I would have a guaranteed spot on the UFO taking the worlds’ elites to the backup planet. I was skeptical at first, but after I let him into my computer remotely he showed me that this really was the case. Of course I paid him his modest fee, and I’m grateful that he somehow found my phone number just in time and was willing to share this private lifeline with me. Isn’t life grand…∞∞∞ >>> Read the rest

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Cable Ends: Which way is up?

Hey everybody! Let’s make things work!

I am constantly plugging and unplugging cables. Into and out of phones, computers, devices of all sorts. Those connectors like micro-usb cables or even regular USB cables just don’t cooperate in being the right side up when I connect them.  So, to avoid frustration I keep a bottle of whiteout around the office and home. When I get a cable that needs to be plugged in a certain way I mark the long side or the up side with a swipe of white out.  Not much.  Don’t want to be messy.  And I start remembering which side for my PC/device which side is long/up.  and I don’t have to think much about it.

Did you know that almost every USB port on a computer the “chuck” in the port goes down. (if it is laying that direction. I just looked at my PC and it is upright. ∞∞∞ >>> Read the rest

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