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Cable Ends: Which way is up?

Hey everybody! Let’s make things work!

I am constantly plugging and unplugging cables. Into and out of phones, computers, devices of all sorts. Those connectors like micro-usb cables or even regular USB cables just don’t cooperate in being the right side up when I connect them.  So, to avoid frustration I keep a bottle of whiteout around the office and home. When I get a cable that needs to be plugged in a certain way I mark the long side or the up side with a swipe of white out.  Not much.  Don’t want to be messy.  And I start remembering which side for my PC/device which side is long/up.  and I don’t have to think much about it.

Did you know that almost every USB port on a computer the “chuck” in the port goes down. (if it is laying that direction. I just looked at my PC and it is upright.  But if I laid it down the chuck would be open on the down side.) Laptops are the same – chuck open space is on the bottom. So, open space is on the down side, make sure the chuck in the cable is down.

Maybe whiteout doesn’t work for you, find something that does. Fingernail polish? Just don’t let the wife know!

– Rick