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When The Lights Go Out

Power outages are a ubiquitous problem in the modern, tech-driven world.  Not only do they deprive users of traditional conveniences like entertainment, easy lighting, and hot water, but they can begin to affect healthy living by taking down cold storage, medical devices, and automated security systems.

For the time being, power outages aren’t going away.  So what’s the best way to cope with this problem?  There’s a lot of nuance in the myriad answers to that question, but thankfully there are a few tips that can be utilized regardless of the circumstance to keep yourself and your property as safe as possible.

Obviously not all of these recommendations apply during every outage situation, planned or unplanned, but they provide excellent guidelines to keep in mind before and during a power outage.

Power Outages
What to Do When the Power Goes Out
Power Outage Tips