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Too Many Cables, What Are They All For?

It’s amazing how you can never find the cable that you need at the right moment, no matter how many cables are piled around your computer desk or behind your workspace.  The plethora of cables, with various heads for interfacing with phones, computers, mobile devices, TVs, and other electronics, has been around since the tech world became mainstream and has only continued to grow.   Not so long ago most households did fine with only two or three connector types.  Now it’s hard to get by with less than six cables of various types and uses.

So why are all these cables different?  If one breaks, what name should you use when trying to buy a new one?  Cables aren’t going away anytime soon, no matter what the tech industry says, and knowing the answers to those questions can go a long way to making daily life with your various devices a lot easier.

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