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Bad Bad Email – Don’t Click These Links

Just a note to our readers.  I have gotten quite a few emails of this type lately. It is a simple email. No graphics, just text.  (Although I would not use a graphic to make me think it is legit.)  It says it comes from “USPS” with the implication that the email is from the United States Post Office.  Yet there is no link to the real USPS website.  In fact the link is to something completely arcane.  I did not click the link, don’t need the headache.

Please. Please. Please. If you get an unsolicited email don’t click the link.

Here is what  I saw in the email I received.  Notice the email is from amitotic@….whatever.  It is not the USPS!!

ARGH! Was just told the business has an acquaintance that clicked the link.  Chased down the issue and PAID money to have the item delivered. WHAT!! There was no package, was a complete scam.

Please be aware. If you get an email from Amazon or USPS or FEDEx or UPS,  go to the website of the provider and see if there is info needed.  Don’t click the link in the email. Or better yet wait for the shipper to provide a real update via their systems. If you have a question call Orcas Online. We may be able to help you ascertain whether the email is legit or not.

Suspect everything.  Be safe.


Now get out there and play.