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Keep it secret, keep it safe…

Passwords are the ever-present, love/hate accessory of the modern world. We need them for all of our data, everything from bank accounts to ordering a souvenir postcard. Perhaps the worst part about them, short of having to remember them, is how you end up having to use them everywhere!

It can be so tempting to save passwords when you first make them. Your browser or device will keep it safe from prying eyes, and be only too happy to supply it when you need it, but is that all there is to the story? Not quite. The more you spread your password around, the more likely it is to fall into the wrong hands. Sometimes a public or work computer left unattended is the source of the breach, but quite frankly anyone with access, legitimate or otherwise, to your browser or device can retrieve your password if they so desire.

There are some paid security services that are happy to offer you a safe way to keep your passwords locked up. They are perfectly viable (unless you forget their password too!), but oftentimes the best practice for securing your password is to keep it to yourself. Logout when you are finished with a website, don’t leave sensitive devices unattended, and if possible keep a dummy copy of your password around somewhere that you can easily reach (but no one else can).

The Risk of Browser Saved Passwords