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Home Wifi has become an essential, even critical, part of our daily lives now.  Not only is it convenient to have appliances respond to your remote commands, but daily communication with essential services like banks and medical technicians is a necessity for many modern residents.

It should be no surprise that, just like any other wireless signal, home wifi can be intercepted, translated, and examined by unrelated and potentially harmful third parties.  Not only is the traffic passing through the wifi vulnerable to spying, but hackers can even gain access to devices inside the home through a compromised wifi network.  It has pretty much become unthinkable to suggest unplugging in order to stay safe, so now the question is: if it’s not going away, how can it be made safe to use?

Fortunately there are a number of steps that any online user can take to fortify their wifi network.  Nothing can keep you completely safe, but taking responsible action to keep your personal wifi secure foils casual hackers and goes a long way towards convincing the crooks to look elsewhere.

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