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To Pay Or Not To Pay

Cyber Security has become an essential part of daily life in the modern world today.  In fact it’s almost a requirement, some devices and programs will refuse to work for you unless you are using their definition of appropriate security software and practices.  Fortunately security options aren’t hard to find; unfortunately there may be a few too many of them, and with a very diverse set of specialties to choose from.  The main distinction you will run across though is free vs paid security.  Most anti-virus, anti-malware, and defender software available on the market will come in both free and paid versions.  Vendors are often up front about the differences between the two offerings, but it’s still important to consider your specific browsing and operating needs when deciding what route to take.

Some articles that lay out what to think about when choosing*:
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*Many such articles are written/sponsored by companies that offer cyber security packages and thus cast their type of product in a favorable light.  The information they provide is still accurate and useful, but it’s always a good idea to keep a proper perspective of your own needs and situation while reading these articles.