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The Good Old Days Are Gone

Good quality hardware can be a rare find in a saturated market, and with computers still averaging a high price range a computer that lasts a long time can be very valuable to its owner.  Yet the sad fact of technology’s rapid advancement doesn’t just mean an over-abundance of flashy new computer models, it also means that computers and mobile devices become increasingly dangerous to use as they age.

Active software support by the manufacturer is a reliable sign that your device is not likely to be vulnerable to most of the common cyber threats out there.  Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to end support of a particular model before the one you own starts to fail.  When this occurs, it can be very tempting to just shrug your shoulders and continue using your older device as long as you can.  It’s easier, cheaper, and quite frankly that new stuff looks a lot weirder than your current setup.

Yet for all the hassle and seeming expense, it is a constant and growing risk to keep utilizing older hardware and software for anything related to the internet.  Vulnerabilities in system and hardware programming can allow malicious users or programs to compromise not just one device, but potentially multiple devices in your network.  It can often be a challenge to move on to newer systems and fresh installations, but the overall savings in time, money, and lowered risk are well worth it and are often more abundant than you might expect.


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